Our company name CONNOS goes back to the Spanish words “con“ (Spanish for “with”) and “nos” (Spanish for “us”) – “with us”. This name communicates our underlying concept, that manifests itself in our standards and our consulting approach. We work with the client, and the client works with us – because together we are more successful. We tackle our projects together with the client and always take their individual wishes and requirements into account. We use our expertise and methodological competence and combine it with the knowledge and experience of our client. This way we achieve a result our client can relate to, and which is characterized by a high degree of acceptance.




We always strive to achieve the best cost benefit ratio for our clients.

We support you in your asset and fund management, portfolio management, risk management as well as in all aspects of general business development. We offer solutions in the field of forecast and planning for your assets. Developing an efficient controlling and tailor-made control solutions are our key competences. We support you in the compilation of (investor) reports as well as in regulatory reporting duties. We establish risk management structures and implement lean and efficient processes which comply with professional and supervisory standards.



»Nobody can find himself if he avoids the way to others.«



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