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Fund Planning

  • Concept for a harmonized structure in fund planning, fund controlling and fund management (based on indicators)
  • Funds planning model with forecasting, scenario and evaluation module
  • Standardized evaluation report for key figure comparisons and data transfer
  • Back testing function, integrated evaluation at fund level in accordance with HGB (German Commercial Code) and KAGB/KARBV (German Capital Investment Code/Ordinance); balance sheet/financial statement, profit and loss statement/cost earnings account, liquidity assessment
  • Share certificate price calculation, calculation of total cost ratio, monitoring of selected investment limits


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Investors Reporting

  • Comprehensive reporting guideline that works for different products
  • Establishment or integration of annual reports for foreign investment funds into the financial statement in accordance with KAGB (German Capital Investment Code)
  • Optimized reporting process
  • If needed: automation of reporting process
  • Efficiency increase in the report generation of up to 80%!

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Reporting To Authorities

  • Assessment and analysis of assets
  • Recording of all reportable AIFM/AIFs and content and establishment of an individual reporting schedule
  • Staff training
  • Compilation of relevant documents
  • Compilation of glossary / indicator register
  • Conception of a special department for registration and reporting issues in compliance with supervisory regulations

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Process Management

  • Analysis of the degree of legal compliance and optimization potential
  • Introduction to the most important rules of process management
  • Preparation for internal revision and supervisory checks
  • Central entity for the coordination of all relevant measures
  • Periodical audits of business processes
  • Utilisation of optimization potential through the introduction of continuous improvement processes


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Risk Management

  • Analysis of existing structures and documents
  • Intensive workshops to train the risk manager
  • Compilation of necessary materials, e.g. risk catalogue, threshold values and limit system
  • Loss database
  • Preparation or adaptation of relevant risk processes
  • Ideal integration of the operative unit into your organisational structure
  • Installation of individual technical support, both in the field of Office applications and with special risk management software


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