Report Compilation: The Fund Manager’s Figurehead

Our Services

  • Comprehensive reporting guideline that works for different products
  • Establishment or integration of annual reports for foreign investment funds into the financial statement in accordance with KAGB (German Capital Investment Code)
  • Optimized reporting process
  • If needed: automation of reporting process
  • Efficiency increase in the report generation of up to 80%!


Current Challenges

Annual reports and investor reports present the investment fund to the client and have a great impact on the image of the fund provider. They can be decisive for an investor’s satisfaction and capital commitment.

After the introduction of the new Capital Investment Code (KAGB), existing reports must be changed and adapted to the new requirements. New standards must be taken into account. Currently contradictory requirements in laws and directives must be respected in reports. Among other things, this leads to the question of how a future report should be designed and structured. So far, no standards have been established for all product types and asset classes. There is no clear guidance!


Reach Your Goal with CONNOS

CONNOS brings light into the darkness! Together we elaborate a uniform structure for your reports that complies with all legal requirements. We define consistent key figures for your reports and create standards and comparability – absolute necessities for a professional working environment. We work in a comprehensive way – this way you can be sure that the results can also be used for future products.

As soon as we have determined your future reporting template for you in close cooperation with yourselves, we establish an efficient report compilation process which minimizes responsibility gaps and material errors through targeted quality assurance steps, and which reduces expense for the report compilation.

If needed, we support this process with selected technical solutions: From process monitoring to automated report compilation in high gloss print, CONNOS is the right partner for your project.



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