Regulation and Compliance: New Requirements Concerning Your Processes

Our Services

  • Analysis of the degree of legal compliance and optimization potential
  • Introduction to the most important rules of process management
  • Preparation for internal revision and supervisory checks
  • Central entity for the coordination of all relevant measures
  • Periodical audits of business processes
  • Utilisation of optimization potential through the introduction of continuous improvement processes


Current Challenges

Business processes should always comply with the law, leave no margin for error and use as few resources as possible. However, many small and medium-sized companies are far from achieving this vision. Business comes first! Often there is no time for administrative and organisational work.

But in many cases problems arise when processes and results are subject to an audit. Old documents must be reviewed and changed. The employee who was responsible for the document has already left the company – there was no handover. This quickly leads to additional costs or reveals legal shortcomings.

In a regulated world, compliance is all about organisation management in a way that respects legal requirements. You are compliant if your processes fulfil the legal requirements and fixed rules are defined for assuring and controlling this.

An internal revision or a pending visit by the supervisory authority is a good time to position yourself in a professional manner. We will accompany you in your efforts to do so.


Reach Your Goal with CONNOS

With CONNOS, you can attain legal compliance with resource-saving means. Together with yourselves, we establish a central entity with responsibility for legal requirements, train your staff in the basics of process management and show you potential for optimisation. This way you improve your organisation’s performance step by step. But what is even more important: You prepare your organisation for internal revision and supervisory checks.

Double work and lost project results will be things of the past. Your central process management office will guarantee transparency, continuous development of your organisation and the processing of supervisory requirements. This can be carried out by your own staff or through an outsourced service provider - we focus on what you need. 



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