Bundesbank and BaFin Reporting (AIFMD Reporting)

Our Services

  • Assessment and analysis of assets
  • Recording of all reportable AIFM/AIFs and content and establishment of an individual reporting schedule
  • Staff training
  • Compilation of relevant documents
  • Compilation of glossary / indicator register
  • Conception of a special department for registration and reporting issues in compliance with supervisory regulations



Reporter, Receiver and Reasons for Reporting


According to § 18 BBankG (Bundesbank Act):
  • All financial institutions
  • All capital management companies
  • All externally managed investment companies


According to §§ 1,17 KAGB (Capital Investment Code)::
  • All capital management companies requiring registration and their managed investment assets
AIF, including open or closed public investment funds and open or closed domestic special AIF. All capital management companies not covered by the exceptions laid out under § 2 KAGB are subject to registration. Capital management companies requiring registration are subject to annual minimum reporting obligations, see § 44 KAGB (Art. 2 and 3.3 of AIFMD).


To whom?

Bundesbank (German Central Bank)
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin, German Financial Supervisory Authority)



Compilation of statistics in the field of banking and finance
Supervision and regulation



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