Professional Establishment, Training and Implementation of Legal Requirements

Our Services

  • Analysis of existing structures and documents
  • Intensive workshops to train the risk manager
  • Compilation of necessary materials, e.g. risk catalogue, threshold values and limit system
  • Loss database
  • Preparation or adaptation of relevant risk processes
  • Ideal integration of the operative unit into your organisational structure
  • Installation of individual technical support, both in the field of Office applications and with special risk management software


Current Challenges

With the introduction of the new Capital Investment Act in July 2013, managers of open and closed funds are now obliged to integrate a risk management system into their internal organisational structures.

Meeting regulatory requirements often means introducing onerous formalism. Tried and tested structures have to be changed in order to implement a new department for risk management. There are no specific documents (e.g. risk management manual), tools (e.g. stress test module) or materials (e.g. standardised risk reporting). Staff for the new department must be found or trained.

Frequently, there is no real integration. Instead, formal barriers are established, and well-practised workflows are torn apart, slowing down processes significantly. Functional and hierarchical separation up to the management level drives a wedge between the departments.


What does it mean in practical terms?

Legally required processes and structures are integrated into the existing processes without affecting the value chain.

Existing documents and materials are analysed with the aim of integrating tried and tested processes into the risk management system and adding specific supplements.

Your staff will be empowered to fulfil regulatory requirements regarding risk management systems without losing their focus on the day-to-day business.

Software will be used to automate and support workflow processes. It is not the software that dictates the workflow – but you.


Our Service

CONNOS supports investment companies in establishing, implementing and optimizing risk management systems and links legal compliance with individual workflow processes and structures of your company.

Instead of an inhibiting risk avoidance strategy that impacts the value chain we develop an opportunity profile and establish an operational risk management system which in the medium term will not only be a cost centre, but will also develop into a jigsaw piece of your economic success.

CONNOS can accompany and support you in all stages of the process: from preparation of a risk management manual to the individual adaptation of existing risk documentation. From the identification of risks to the establishment of an appropriate and manageable threshold value and limit system.

This includes derivation of the risk strategy from the business strategy, development of stress test scenarios, selection of respective parameters and the technical implementation in a system that suits your company.

  • Your risk manager does not know how to compile a risk report?
  • You do not want a specialised software, but wish to exploit the potential of Excel?
  • Excel no longer fulfils the requirements resulting from the size of your business?



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